DJ J-Kris Bio


Bronx Native J-Kris became a DJ at the age of 13. He credits his influences from taping Friday and Saturday night mix shows from the radio and trying to emulate what he heard. He also attended numerous house parties and clubs and studied other DJs at their craft. He quickly excelled by practicing and helping other DJs rock the crowd.

Throughout the years, DJ J-Kris has made a name for himself DJing at the 40/40 Club, parties at The Hamptons, WHRT Radio at Sacred Heart University, Syracuse University, Power 96.5 Michigan to name a few, as well as countless Sweet 16’s, Weddings, Birthdays, and proms.

DJ J-Kris lives for the art of DJing and has been rocking crowds for years by playing the latest and hottest music from every genre on the radio and in the clubs.